The Founders
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The current focus was shaped by the experiences we had during those years of living and working abroad. So with that context in mind:
Colombia:  We, Richard & Connie Smith, the founders of Cross Resources, spent ten years in the jungles of Colombia. Connie was the first foreign woman the tribe had seen.
Ethiopia: For four years Connie directed the translation work for the Kambatta peoples while Richard directed the work for the Hadiyya people and was overall director of the translation projects. We worked under the national church and the Ethiopian Bible Society. This was during the time that the Communists controlled the country. 
Southern Sudan: We were asked to evaluate a medical mission in Sudan and did so for a few months while waiting for our papers for Ethiopia. We saw Africa at its rawest: lions and baboons in the road, leprosy, river blindness, no buses so everone either had a car-- only the medical people and other NGOs (like UNESCO)-- or you hitched a ride on top a loaded truck with people, chickens, spears, etc.
Stateside: We spent three years in California because of family health issues. During this time I (Richard) taught courses at Biola University, Wm Carey International University, Christian Heritage College and an extension course for Talbot Seminary.
Europe & Elsewhere: During the next years we developed and ran a five-month semester abroad program for people who planned on working overseas. The program was accredited by two universities, the B. A. through the Ph. D. levels. The participants included junior and senior college students, seminary graduates, several nurses and one medical doctor. Participants included Americans, Dutch, Brazilians, Costa Rican, Peruians, Swiss, etc.       
We have traveled in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, West, East and North Africa as resource people for various organizations as well as running workshops on cross-cultural communication and strategy planning.
Our present work of prayer resolution grew out of our Semester Abroad training program as we were faced with helping participants handle emotional and spiritual issues that surfaced under the stress of the training program and the effects of living in another culture with a different religious orientation, world view and life style.
We have six degrees between us but much of what we share has come out of the various experiences we have had. So we are not just passing on classroom learning but lessons from real life and in the context of many different cultural settings.
  1. Dawn
    Retired nurse, educator/instructor with the Veterans Administration. Spent time in Africa.
  2. Gary
    Medical doctor with a practice in Minnesota. Spent time Guatemala and fluent in Spanish.
  3. Steve Poteat
    Retired CPA Colorado. Financial Executive with several national banks and other Public companies.
  4. Richard
    Creator of Prayer Resolution; linguist and educator with experience in Colombia, Ethiopia, Sudan and North Africa.
  5. Connie
    Linguist and educator with experience in Colombia, Ethiopia, Sudan and North Africa. Co-founder of Cross Resources and the Prayer Resolution concept.
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