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If you have been helped or trained in the past through the work of Cross Resources or just approve of this work -- some of you since we were in Colombia, Ethiopia and North Africa -- we would ask you to participate in Amazon's
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The Kindle books below, in some cases, are kindle versions of the hard copy books. Some are only on Kindle. Check on the link (underlined) under a book and you will be directed to where you can sign in and buy the book.
If you want to know more about me (the author) go to this link at Amazon.
Forgiveness: anAct of Mercy   & a Key to Answered Prayer
Cleansing: Resolving the Consequences of Sexual Sin
Freedom from Words of Power
Forgiveness: The Path to Divorce Recovery
Forgiveness: An Act . . . German version
Traveling the Road to Cultural Awareness
Motivations Rule I: Time Beyond Measure
(Time & Event)
Motivations Rule II: Dividing the World or not, my Way (Dichotomy & Wholism)
Motivations Rule III: Decision Making (Directive & Selective)
Motivations Rule IV: Striving to accomplish thru individual effort or thru relationships 
Motivations Rule V explains how we handle mistakes and errors. They eother make a real problem to us or we don't really care!
Motivations Rule VI explains why it is important to know what others think about our dress and hebavior. It can determine if people will listen or not.
The Prayer Resolution Syllabus is for a small group of learners to use. 3 to 7 people  preferred with one leading usng the PR instructors book. The instructor manual is available by contacting the CR office