You cannot appreciate your own culture until you have experienced,even for a short time, life in another.
This is a 14 hour seminar on understanding the underlying behavior behind actions. There is a 42 page syllabus and, ideally, we give participants "fun" assignments.
A lawyer who took the seminar said the Basic Motivations model would be useful for him in evaluating the potential members of a jury.
Cultural Learning
Distance learning/teaching via skype and the computer has almost eliminated the need for face-to-face interactions.
Learning is best taught, however, through observation and while living with a people but there is also a place for books and classes. Best taught on site we can and have guided people from afar.
Language Learning
Normally as part of an entry program we arrange for formal classroom learning but we also guide the student in language acquisition where the student creates his own lessons.
So far we have done this to one degree or another inArabic, Spanish and Swahili.

Trauma Consulting & Prayer Resolution
  1. Managing Director
We have helped people get  through trauma in West Africa and the United States. Prayer Resolution is a kind of Christian counseling using the tools of prayer resolution.
We can run training programs for Prayer Resolution over a number of days--45 hours plus). There is a large syllabus and books available.
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